Strategy Design and Execution

We believe that organisations exist primarily to make a difference in the world, i.e. to create unique value. This belief underpins our approach to strategy design and execution. “A great strategy is more than an aspiration, more than a dream: it’s a system of value creation, a set of mutually reinforcing parts. Anchored by a compelling purpose, it tells you where a company will play, how it will play and what it will accomplish”. Our context for strategy design and execution is “continuous improvement for a better world”. It is about building a high-performance culture and therefore a high-performance organisation.

High-performance organisations have clarity of:

  • Purpose,
  • How to create, deliver and capture value, that is, their business model, and
  • How to measure success,
  • What is holding back performance,
  • What to do to reach highperformance targets.
The three processes necessary for successful strategy design and execution

There are three processes necessary for successful strategy design and implementation – strategy design, measurement and improvement – the most fundamental being the measurement process which provides feedback on whether a strategy is working or not.

Strategy design involves reaffirming an organisation’s purpose, defining and clarifying its business model, assessing the impact of environmental factors on the business model and identifying desired results or outcomes.

Measurement links the planning and improvement processes and is the first step towards bringing strategy to life. Measures are the catalyst for performance improvement. To meaningfully measure goals so that we can determine accomplishments and what needs improving, we must be deliberate with measurement. Using Stacey Barr’s PuMP Performance Measurement Blueprint, we facilitate measure teams to design measure and bring them to life.

Improvement is the execution process. It entails identifying and removing constraints in the organisation’s operating model or processes to achieve targets.

Upcoming public programs

March 2nd – 6th: The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, Nairobi, Kenya

May 4th – 8th: The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

July 6th – 10th: The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, Mombasa, Kenya

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